Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Bent n Bongs Beer Bash

The ‘Bent n Bongs Beer Bash’ is a beer festival in nearby Atherton, organised by the Bent n Bongs Charitable Trust, in association with Wigan CAMRA.

Too many, it’s considered to be the ‘sister’ festival to the Wigan CAMRA Beer Festival – many CAMRA volunteers work both festivals. Brian Gleave, a Wigan CAMRA Branch member, is a main organiser of both festivals.

The Bent n Bongs Charitable Trust is a charitable organisation that undertakes the mission of raising money for charities and other good causes, primarily aiming to target the funds raised into the local area.

The Bent n Bongs Beer Festival takes place each February at the Roller Rink in Atherton. Atherton is part of the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan, but is in the South East Lancashire CAMRA Branch area.

The festival serves the neighbouring towns of Atherton and Tyldesley. People from Atherton are known locally as ‘bents’ and people from Tyldesley are known locally as ‘bongs’. Hence the rather unusual name of the festival.