Friday, June 21, 2024

Pub of the Season

Winter 2020:
Autumn 2020:
Summer 2020:
Spring 2020: SHERRINGTON’S, Wigan
Winter 2019: SWAN & RAILWAY, Wigan
Autumn 2019: CROOKE HALL INN, Standish Lower Ground
Summer 2019: TWISTED VINE ALE HOUSE, Ashton-in-Makerfield
Spring 2019: DOCS SYMPOSIUM, Wigan
Winter 2018: THE ANVIL, Wigan
Autumn 2018: JOHN BULL CHOP HOUSE, Wigan
Summer 2018: TWISTED VINE ALE HOUSE, Ashton-in-Makerfield
Spring 2018: VICTORIA, Haigh/Aspull
Winter 2017: BLUNDELLS CAFE BAR, Wigan
Autumn 2017: CALEDONIAN HOTEL, Ashton-in-Makerfield
Summer 2017: ALBION ALE HOUSE, Standish
Spring 2017: WIGAN CENTRAL, Wigan
Winter 2016: TAP ‘N’ BARREL, Wigan
Autumn 2016: CROOKE HALL INN, Crooke, Standish Lower Ground
Summer 2016: RAILWAY HOTEL, Parbold
Spring 2016: WIGAN CENTRAL, Wigan
Winter 2015: TAP ‘N BARREL, Wigan
Autumn 2015: ALBION ALE HOUSE, Standish
Summer 2015: CROWN HOTEL, New Springs
Spring 2015: WIGAN CENTRAL, Wigan
Winter 2014: DOC’S SYMPOSIUM, Wigan
Autumn 2014: THE VICTORIA, Aspull
Summer 2014: SILVER TALLY, Shevington Moor
Spring 2014:
Winter 2013: MASONS ARMS, Billinge
Autumn 2013: CROOKE HALL INN, Crooke, Standish Lower Ground
Summer 2013: THE VICTORIA, Aspull
Spring 2013: THE RAVEN, Wigan
Winter 2012: THE ANVIL, Wigan
Autumn 2012:
Summer 2012: THE BERKELEY, Wigan
Spring 2012: GOLDEN LION, Ashton-in-Makerfield
Winter 2011: TUDOR HOUSE HOTEL, Wigan
Autumn 2011: HARE AND HOUNDS, Billinge
Summer 2011: WHITE LION, Wrightington
Spring 2011: GERRARD ARMS, Aspull
Winter 2010:
Autumn 2010: SIR THOMAS GERARD, Ashton-in-Makerfield
Summer 2010: THE ANVIL, Wigan
Spring 2010: DELPH TAVERN, Orrell
Winter 2009: SIR THOMAS GERARD, Ashton-in-Makerfield
Autumn 2009: STOCKS TAVERN, Parbold
Summer 2009: THE WINDMILL, Parbold
Spring 2009: THE VICTORIA, Aspull
Winter 2008: MASONS ARMS, Billinge
Autumn 2008: DELPH TAVERN, Orrell
Summer 2008: EAGLE AND CHILD, Bispham Green
Spring 2008: THE BERKELEY, Wigan
Winter 2007: CROWN HOTEL, Worthington
Autumn 2007: BOULEVARD, Wigan
Summer 2007: ANDERTON ARMS, Ince
Spring 2007: THE ANVIL, Wigan
Winter 2006: NEW INN, Aspull
Autumn 2006: DELPH TAVERN, Orrell
Summer 2006: BULLS HEAD, Goose Green [demolished]
Spring 2006: OLD PEAR TREE, Wigan
Winter 2005: CROWN HOTEL, Worthington or SWAN AND RAILWAY, Wigan
Autumn 2005: CROWN HOTEL, Worthington or SWAN AND RAILWAY, Wigan
Summer 2005: OLD DOG, Up Holland [demolished]
Spring 2005: THE ANVIL, Wigan
Winter 2004: CROWN HOTEL, Worthington
Autumn 2004: BOWLING GREEN, Wigan
Summer 2004: DOG AND PARTRIDGE, Standish [closed – converted to shop]
Spring 2004: ROYAL OAK, Wigan
Winter 2003: THE SILVERWELL, Wigan
Autumn 2003: THE ANVIL, Wigan
Summer 2003: COLLIERS ARMS, Kings Moss
Winter 2002: THE SILVERWELL, Wigan
Autumn 2002: THE ANVIL, Wigan
Spring 2001: THE ANVIL, Wigan