Sunday, July 21, 2024

Judging Guidelines [Cider Pub of the Year]

Guidelines are as follows:

Category 1 : Quality / Condition of Real Cider or Perry
: This is the most important criteria. A wide range of ciders doesn’t have to be sold; it is the quality and condition that counts – better to have perhaps 2 that are excellent rather than 4 or 5 that are average.
: Aspects to consider include: is it stale, is it too warm or too cold, and does it taste right for the style.

Category 2 : Promotion / Knlowlegde of Product
: Is real cider and perry obvious – is there a ‘Real Cider Sold Here’ window sticker.
: Staff should enthusiastically promote real cider and be knowledgeable about it.
: The provision of information on producers, suppliers, etc. is desirable.
: A range of styles should be offered if possible and a local product, where available.
: The pub/club should clearly differentiate between ‘real’ and any ‘non real’ ciders sold.

Category 3 : Atmosphere / Style / Decor
: The pub/club should provide a pleasant, clean and safe environment, with a friendly atmosphere.
: The style should show respect for the building and the décor should enhance it.
: The pub/club should feel like a cider pub – other people drinking cider is a good indication.

Category 4 : Service / Welcome
: Service and welcome should be friendly, polite and also prompt, whenever possible.
: If the pub/club is busy, a friendly acknowledgement is desirable.
: You should be treated like a valued customer and you should not feel unwelcome, uncomfortable or
discriminated against in any way.

Category 5 : Community Focus
: The pub/club should have a community focus, eg. supporting local groups, sports teams, etc..
: The pub/club must be inclusive and feel welcoming to all age groups and sectors of the community.

Category 6 : Sympathy with CAMRA aims
: Price lists should be prominently displayed and full measure given (lined glasses are a help)
: CAMRA material should be available/on display eg. cider leaflets, posters, any awards received etc.

Category 7 : Overall Value
: After visiting the pub/club you should feel satisfied with the money you
spent, enjoyed your overall pubgoing experience and be happy to return.