Quiz 3

Welcome to the 'Hoppin' Mad' quiz. This could prove difficult (but hopefully educational) for non-brewers. We've listed the name of some hops and the characteristics that they add to beer.

All you have to do is match the hops against the country in which they are mostly cultivated. Good luck.

ADMIRAL : Resinous, orange, pine
AMARILLO : Orange, peach, pink grapefruit
ARAMIS : Floral, grassy, black pepper France
BARBE ROUGE : Strawberry, redcurrant, floral
BOBEK : Lemon, pine, floral
BRAMLING CROSS : Lemon, blackcurrant, spice
CITRA : Mango, grapefruit, lime
DR RUDI : Lemongrass, pine, grassy
EKUANOT : Papaya, lime, green pepper
FIRST GOLD : Orange, marmalade, spice
HUELL MELON : Melon, strawberry, apricot
KAZBEK : Lemon, grapefruit, spice
MARYNKA : Herbal, floral, lemon
MOSAIC : Blueberry, mango, passion fruit
MOTUEKA : Lime, lemon, floral
NELSON SAUVIN : White grape, gooseberry, grapefruit
PERLE : Spice, cedar, orange
PIONEER : Lemon, cedar, herbal
SAAZ : Floral, herbal, spice
STYRIAN WOLF : Lemon, lemongrass, mango
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