Quiz 1

Welcome to the 'Name the Craft Brewery' quiz. Can you identify the craft brewery from a list of beers that they produce?

1. Counting Vampires, Caribbean Chocolate Cake, Sound Wave
2. Tzatziki Sour, Liverpool Tart, Hare Of Darkness
3. Millionaire, Ninkasi, Sourdough
4. Chiron, Halcyon, Wild Raven
5. Common Grounds, Fantasma, Salty Kiss
6. Hanseatic Porter, Red Planet, Salt Of The Earth
7. Chubbles, NW Dipa Galaxy, Awkward Phase
8. Bombay Dazzler, I Like To Moob It Moob It
9. Double Chin, Spresso, Yuzilla Phantom
10. Superliminal, Rain Shadow, King Slayer
11. Electric India, Kingpin, Pump Action Poet
12. Something Something Darkside, Safeword, Dark Hofler
13. Bad Kitty, Vociferous Agreement, Burnout
14. The Long The Short And The Tall Of It, Tuckerlovsky, Portent Of Usher
15. Mexicake, Long White Cloud, Marmelade On Rye
16. Dark Matter, Amarillo Sour, Citra Sour
17. Old Freddy Walker, Return Of The Empire, JJJ
18. Key Lime Tau, Brodie's Prime, Tonka
19. Beartooth, Shapeshifter, Deucebox
20. Aurora, Monolith, Pretty Mess
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