Young Members


Are you under 30 years old? Love real ale? Enjoy drinking in real British pubs? Wish you could meet like-minded people? Now you can!

Joe Carletti is our Branch Young Members Contact (BYMC). CAMRA’s definition of a Young Member is a person under 30. It is hoped to arrange varied socials events throughout the year specifically for Young Members and, when the time comes, you can help with the Wigan CAMRA Beer Festival.

The role of BYMC is responsible for ensuring the branch considers the needs of Young Members when planning campaigning and social events. The BYMC will communicate with national and regional Young Members Contacts in order to keep abreast of special campaigns and promotions, and act on behalf of young members during the main branch meetings to promote our views in the branch. For more specific details of the BYMC role, see link.

With suggestions and input from Young Members and young people, we hope this page will grow into a more informative and exciting part of the website. So if you want more information on any of the issues covered, have ideas for subjects you’d like to see on this page or want to get involved please get in touch with Joe. Don’t just think about it – come along and get involved!

We aim to hold regular events, which can be anything from a local crawl or brewery tour to an adventure further affield! We try to do something different each time, so if you have any suggestions, please let Joe know! Please contact me to find out what is happening over the next few months.

To get involved with Young Members social events in the Wigan Branch area, and in the wider Greater Manchester Region, or to find out more contact

For more general information on CAMRA and Young Members groups visit the national website.