LocAle Scheme


locale-posterAbout LocAle

CAMRA’s Locale Accreditation Scheme is simply about local people enjoying local beers in local pubs. CAMRA feels that publicans rightfully deserve to be acknowledged for serving good quality beers from local breweries in their pubs and clubs.

However, rather than having to be nominated by CAMRA members, we feel it is fairer and more transparent that publicans should be able to nominate their own pubs, subject to scrutiny of course. After all, it is the publicans that are making the commitment of stocking and serving local ales to an acceptable level of quality.

So what qualifies as a local brewery? Well, all eight breweries within the Wigan CAMRA branch are naturally deemed to be local (see local breweries). In addition, any brewery with 10 miles (shortest driving distance) of the pub/club seeking accreditation is also deemed to be local.

If you are a publican and want to know more about the LocAle Scheme, or wish to nominate your pub or club for this prestigious award, please contact our LocAle Co-ordinator via e-mail.