Club News [November 2019]

[extract from minutes of Wigan CAMRA Branch meeting on 14th November 2019]

A meeting was held at Standish Unity Club on Wednesday, 30th October. The meeting was called to discuss the club’s opening hours at weekends following requests from both CAMRA and club members. I attended as CAMRA Clubs Officer, the outcome of what I felt was a very positive exchange of ideas is that from 9 Nov the club will open at 17:30 on Friday and Saturday evenings until further notice (former opening time was 19:00). This outcome was well received by all and will now be publicised via web pages, social media, notice boards, etc. Perhaps most importantly by word of mouth, so please pass on the news. Wigan CAMRA will also support the club by publishing the clubs new opening hours.

Wigan CAMRA December branch meeting will be held at Hindley Masonic Hall, as detailed in my previous report Wigan CAMRA have worked with this club during their period of refurbishment. I am looking forward to talking to attendees about work that has gone on.

Following my visit to Newtown Working Man’s Club when I have discussed the potential benefits of serving real ale and the support CAMRA could provide the club. I am still waiting to hear from club committee to establish if the proposal to sell real ale can be moved forward.

I would be grateful to Wigan CAMRA members for recommendation of clubs they are familiar with who we could build a relationship with. It would be good to have more than one contender for the 2020 COTY award.
I am building a list of clubs to visit, which includes: St James Social Club, Orrell ; Bryn Masonic Hall ; Upholland Village Club ; Ravine Club, Pemberton.

It was also reported the St Oswald’s Club in Ashton is selling Wainwright’s.