Brewery News [March 2019]

[extract from minutes of Wigan CAMRA Branch meeting on 13th March 2019]

The branch chair has contacted West Pennines CAMRA’s Regional Brewery Liaison Coordinator who has added Clay Brow Nano Brewery (Skelmersdale) to the Brewery Information System (BIS). Hopefully this will mean the brewery will be listed in the 2020 Good Beer Guide. Clay Brow featured two beers at Wigan Beer Festival this year – Juicy Lucy, a 6.2% NEIPA, and Billy P’s Breakfast Stout, a 6.0% breakfast stout. Stuart Easton volunteered to take on the role of BLO and this was accepted by the branch. The Chair will pass his nomination through to the Regional Brewery Liaison Coordinator.

We received our award this week for Best Cask Ale and overall Silver at Manchester Beer and Cider Festival. We had a great evening at Outstanding Brewery. Sales continue to be strong moving into March with us continuing to brew at full capacity. We have brewed a new Milkshake IPA, this time with Amarillo & Azacca hops. We think it’s the best one yet. We have also brewed Evolve 13, using British Olicana and American Simcoe hops. We plan to brew a new APA this week.

Twisted Vine: Our First Birthday Beer Festival was very successful. We plan to hold another festival in September to coincide with cask ale week. Our next Gin Tasting Evening is on the 2nd April and it is now fully booked. We are planning another one in June. Our cheese and wine evening was successful and it will continue on the first Thursday of every month. The next beer tasting will be on Tuesday 14th May. We plan to hold a cider tasting on Tuesday 30th April and then we plan to have 6 ciders on for the rest of May and a loyalty card scheme for Cider Month

They’ve had a busy week producing beer and the cold room is now full, but not for long, as sales remain strong for these traditional English real ales. Most will be aware that the brewery is up for sale which has resulted in Paul developing his final beer which is to be called Ancient and Loyal. This is a light beer, brewed using 50% lager malt and 50% pale malt. Mosaic and Cascade are the hops of choice, resulting in a light session ale of 4% ABV. This beer will be launched at the Wigan CAMRA meeting on Wednesday 13th March at the Tap ‘n’ Barrel, this will be tenth beer in their core range. The name Ancient and Loyal is the motto of Wigan and is more often seen on the Wigan Warriors crest, so there’s no surprise that Paul says that this is a beer “Made for the Wigan people” – what a fantastic slogan!

The Tap ‘n’ Barrel continues to do well thanks to the operation of the new bus station which has boosted trade. The Tap also now has two “non Martland Mill” guest beers on every week, which are proving popular. With the increase in trade we are looking to put on some further events as the year progresses. You can keep up to date by following on Facebook and checking details on the website.

Having two new fermenting vessels delivered from Oban tomorrow. They’ve also invested in a new cooling container in readiness for Summer. Also planning a special Easter Brew a strongish light coloured bitter, possibly a single hopper but not 100% sure yet. Usual beers selling well.

Jonny has been away an only just got back but predicts not a great deal of change. The brewery is having to work really hard for sales as quite a few places turning to just keg and not even good keg at that. Some even dropping to pins. Hopefully just time of the year.

No report

Business at the brewery continues to thrive with a very busy new year. The new beer, “Tempo L.B.” a 4.1% pale has proved to be very popular and sold extremely well. Wigan Brewhouse was a major sponsor of the 2019 Wigan beer festival with their logo emblazoned on all volunteers’ polo shirts. Five of their beers were available at the festival and were in great demand to the point of selling out early Saturday evening. Following on from the beer festival a thank you party for volunteers was held at Wigan Brewhouse. The beer was provided courtesy of Wigan Brewhouse MD, Martin Blythe and a buffet provided by Wigan CAMRA. Guests were also able to watch the Merseyside derby live. Great food, fantastic beer, shame about the game!

We are delighted to be involved with a new bar, Post House Bar in Orrell. Opening date to be confirmed, hoping to be in the next week. We have a new beer due on the 19th March, Northern Light a 3.6% A New Age Pale featuring the lovely Aurora hop. We were all over the moon to receive Pale Beer of the Festival with Karma Citra. It also meant a lot to us to win both Brewed in Wigan awards for Karma Citra in the Pale category, and Dark Flagon in the Dark. So great to win awards at our local festival.