Branch Social Trips


We run 4 or 5 branch social trips each year. To make the trips varied and interesting, most will visit a brewery on the outward journey, a town with a good selection of real ale pubs and/or a beer festival and, time permitting, a stop at a real ale pub on the return journey.

The cost of social trips can vary but will normally be in the region of £12 to £15 per person – travel cost only. Additional costs may be incurred for brewery tours, beer festival entry, etc.

In addition to chargeable social trips, there are a small number of ‘free’ trips each year. These tend to be local pub survey trips, in particular to pubs that are difficult to reach via public transport.


  • Saturday, 9th April – Lymestone Brewery and Newcastle-under-Lyme
  • Saturday, 21st May – Chesterfield + Barrow Hill Roundhouse Beer Festival (optional)
  • Saturday, 4th June – Three Valleys Beer Festival (Derbyshire)
  • Saturday, 2nd July – Thornbridge Brewery and Peakender at Thornbridge Hall

SOCIAL TRIPS : How to book (and the small print)

Please note that places are strictly limited on all trips which operate on a first-come, first served basis. To reserve your place on a trip, in the first instance please contact our Social Secretary, by e-mail, to ensure that space is available. If space is available, your place will be reserved but it will not be confirmed until a non-returnable deposit of £5 per person per trip has been paid. Once a trip is fully booked, a ‘waiting list’ will become operational.

Payments of deposits can be made direct to the Social Secretary at Branch Meetings or to one of the managers at Wigan Central (Jo, Shaun or Ben). In all instances, you will receive a receipt for your deposit, please don’t lose this. Most importantly, do not leave deposits at Wigan Central unless you have previously reserved your place with the Social Secretary.

All trips will use ‘executive’ coaches. This does not necessarily mean ‘posh’ but it does mean they will have a toilet onboard – important for the return journey, thus avoiding the need for toilet-stops.

Most trips will visit multiple venues and will have been timetabled in advance. As such, it is important to abide by any timings for each trip, in particular the initial departure time from Wigan. All trips will depart from Wigan Central. We will endeavour to ensure that Wigan Central is open at least 30 minutes prior to the departure of any trip to provide adequate comfort and shelter (and hot drinks).

Out of courtesy for the coach company, consumption of alcohol and/or hot food (e.g. take-aways) is not permitted on the coach at any time. There should be plenty opportunities to eat and drink throughout the day. A ‘drivers tip’ is factored into the cost of each trip so there will be no need for any further tipping (unless you really want to, of course).

Contact : Social Secretary via e-mail