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Brewing has restarted in what was All Gates Brewery in Wigan town centre, but the brewery now has a new owner and a new name. Martin Blythe has achieved his long-held ambition of getting into the brewing sector by setting up Wigan Brewhouse in the venue off Wallgate, formerly used by AllGates.

Mr Blythe has purchased all the equipment inside the brewery from AllGates boss David Mayhall and also quickly came to an agreement to sell Wigan Brewhouse pints in Mr Mayhall’s network of pubs..Brewer Jonathan Provost, who leads the four-strong team, worked there in its All Gates guise and is currently creating well-established brews and new creations.The firm has re-branded some of the beers and created a new logo, while Martin is keen to use his food background to explore adding new ingredients and flavours to traditional British ales.

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